Wukong 2020

If you’re keen to see the current Wukong changes being tested in full, head over to the LoL patch 10.5 notes.

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Riot Games hat weitere Anpassungen am Wukong-Rework auf dem PBE-Server vorgenommen. Der verantwortliche Champion-Designer Riot August hat Patch 10.6 als Ziel für die Einführung des Reworks auf den Live-Servern ausgegeben.

WUKONG REWORK 2020 Gameplay Guide - League of LegendsWarframe Wukong Build 2020 Guide – ProGameTalk – Wukong creates a clone that has boosted damage and health which fights alongside him, engaging enemies and becoming in sync with some of Wukong’s abilities. Some of Wukong’s abilities will be affect the celestial twin, giving you several opportunities to make use of them with additional benefits that can change the tides of battle.

15.03.2020  · League of Legends Classic Wukong Skin Spotlight. Purchase RP here (Amazon Affiliate – NA): https://amzn.to/2qZ3Bmv Shows off Animations and Ability Effects of Wukong on their Classic Skin in this.

wukong weapons: the dirtiest pack of 19 dancefloor destroyers, edits, mashups and flips guarenteed to moist panties- straight outta asia. (includes super exclusive asian tribute edits) enjoy.

Wukong dashes toward the cursor and becomes invisible for 1 second, leaving behind a stationary clone for 3.25 seconds. The clone attacks nearby enemies Wukong has recently damaged for [40/45/50/55/60 % Wukong’s total AD] damage. • Dash range lowered from 300 to 275

Wukong — Pan-Asian promo premium Tier VIII cruiser. Wukong is the Monkey King and one of the main mythological characters in Chinese culture. He is an immortal demon who obtained extraordinary power after long years of wandering and spiritual perfection. Wukong first became available as a mission reward for the 2020 Lunar New Year event.

Sun Wukong or Monkey King is a legendary figure who came from China and is known to emerge during the reign of the Song Dynasty. But the story was only popular in the 16th century in the classic novel entitled Journey to the West.

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Surrender at 20: 1/7 PBE Update: Wukong Update.

– As Wukong’s primary trading and CS tool, we’re lowering its cost and cooldown so he can poke and farm more reliably in losing matchups. We’re also simplifying the damage model, since the old one was a little confusing. The spell now applies BONUS damage on top of Wukong’s basic attack. That bonus damage is equal to the values listed above. Note that we’ve DOUBLED the rank 1 damage of Q from 10 to 20.